Undergraduate students

​We welcome undergraduate students willing to dedicate at least 10 hours a week to apply to join our lab. Students with an excellent academic history, strong work ethic, and willingness to make a 4-plus-semester commitment to the lab are strongly preferred. There are many different ways to conduct undergraduate research in our lab, including volunteering, work-study, research for credit through the ENVS research track, honors research, and the SIRE. Students from any university, including Emory, can apply to work in our lab over the summer through the SURE program.


Research opportunities include laboratory (Emory, Rollins, and CDC) and field-based activities (mostly domestic). International and CDC opportunities are only available to students that have proven themselves through two or more semesters pursuing work in our Emory/Rollins labs or related to our domestic fieldwork.


Interested students should email Dr. Vazquez-Prokopec a brief description of why they are interested in the lab and attach an unofficial transcript and current resume.
You can email Dr. Vazquez Prokopec directly (gmvazqu@emory.edu or use the following form.

Emory University / Department of Environmental Sciences / 400 Dowman Dr. Atlanta, GA 30322 / 5th floor Suite E530