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The Prokopec Lab is composed of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences, all with a common goal at the intersection of disease ecology research and public health activism. We believe that remarkable ideas can come from anywhere. Our goal is to foster an inclusive, fun, and intellectually rigorous environment that will help everyone to develop and apply those ideas. We recognize that we seek the difficult task of understanding our relationship with vectors, pathogens, and the environment. It is only through meticulous trial and error and collaborative thought and discussion that we will be able to tackle these problems presented by a rapidly urbanizing world.

Those  interested in joining the lab should email Dr. Prokopec directly at or by using the contact information at the bottom of this webpage with:

1) a synopsis of their research interests;
2) a sense of where they feel they would fit into our efforts; and
3) a current CV or resume
4) unofficial transcripts (Emory undergraduate students only)

See you soon!

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