Dr. Gonzalo M. Vazquez-Prokopec

Assistant Professor


Post-doc. Emory University
PhD. University of Buenos Aires
MSc. University of Buenos Aires


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Lab Members


Non-Emory affiliated:

I am currently looking for graduate students and post-docs interested in joining my lab. See the Opportunities section or click here.

Thomas W. Scott
UC Davis
Research area: Dengue epidemiology, transmission dynamics and control.
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    Rebekah Blakney

    Lab Manager/Researcher
    (MSc Epidemiology, University of Wisconsin)
    Research interests: Vector-borne and zoonotic diseases.

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    JR McMillan

    PhD Student (PBEE)
    Research area: Heterogeneities in vector-borne zoonotic pathogen transmission.

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    Marissa Grossman

    PhD Student (PBEE)
    Research area: Eco-evolutionary dynamics of insecticide resistance

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    Katherine Schaber

    PhD Student (PBEE)
    Research area: Social networks and vector-borne disease dynamics

Ricardo Gürtler
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Research area: Eco-epidemiology of Chagas disease.
Valerie Paz-Soldan
Tulane University
Research area: Social epidemiology.
Scott A. Ritchie
James Cook University
Research area: Medical entomology, dengue epidemiology.
Daniel G. Mead
University of Georgia
Research area: Virology, molecular epidemiology of vector-borne diseases.
Audrey Lenhart
CDC (Entomology Branch)
Research area: Ecology of Ae. aegypti insecticide resistance.
Pablo Manrique-SaideUniversidad Autonoma de Yucatan (UADY). Mexico
Research area: Medical Entomology; Ae. aegypti ecology
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Emory affiliated:

Uriel Kitron
Dept. Environmental Studies
Research area: Vector-borne disease epidemiology, landscape epidemiology, global health.

Former Lab Members

Karen Wu

​MPH student (2013)

Research area: Blood feeding patterns of Culex quinquefasciatus
David Nugent
Dept. Anthropology
Research area: Development Practices, Socio-cultural Anthropology.
Genevieve LaCon

​MPH student (2013)

Research area: Spatial determinants of Aedes aegypti distribution and population persistence.
Donal Bisanzio
Dept. Environmental Studies
Research area: Vector-borne disease epidemiology, disease modeling.
Whitney Pennington

MPH Student (2014)

Research area: Ecology of Salmonelosis infection in passerine birds.

Thomas Gillespie
Dept. Environmental Studies
Research area: Great Ape conservation, global health.
Andrea Lund
​Researcher/Lab Manager​

Research area: Environmental and health impacts of Combined Sewer Overflows in urban Atlanta.:"

Anthony Martin
Dept. Environmental Studies
Research area: Paleoecology, fossil track analysis.